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May. 2nd, 2006 | 02:40 am

omg u guys, i gained 2 pounds frm yesterday!!! NOW IM @ 154!!!! only 1 pound lower then me lw so today i ate
B: 2 slices bread w sf jam and ff butter 2 eggs scrambled
S: 2 ff yogurts
L: 2 tuna cans (lg)
S: banana apple n some grapes
D: chicken strips w gravy and a veggie hot dog
i did so bad! i wanted to fast but then i read some stuff abot how eating more will help ur metab? so i was like okat ill try it n stuff but then i ate freakin everyting!

think thin girls, be thin girls, dream thin girls!
xoXox- mollee.
(heehee doesnt it look cute when i spell my name like that roger says it does so im gunna do it frm NOW ON!!!!)

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May. 1st, 2006 | 04:05 am

HeY GiRLS~!!

so i'm gunna like make a community about boney wrists what do u think? I LOVE MY WRISTS! they always get so boney and YAH!!! I LOVE IT!! i think that BONEZ are so HOTT!!! like my collarbones and HIPBONES! OMG U GUYS ESPECIALLY HIPBONES!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wish my hipbones would come out, UGH!!!!!

ps- my mom got mad @ nme 2day cuz i wouldnt eat tacobell with her WTF IS THAT SHES CRAZY!!!!!! so she yelled adn yelled at me n i got so sad n stuff that i finally just ate it so shed shut the FUCK up!!!! i ate 2 tacos and a burrito cuz SHE WAS YELLING! UGH!!!!!!!!!!! and she wouldnt get me DIET PEPSI, so i had 2 drink REGULAR. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

n then when i got home i was like well i already ruind my day so then i jst ate n ate and i had FOUR cookies, a waffle, two yogurts (BUT THEY WERE FF), n then i ate CHOCOLATE SYRUP OUT OF THE BOTTLE!

WHY DID I DO THAT!?????????

hopefully 2morrow will b better, I NEED TO WEIGHT 120!!! i want to wear a bikini this sumer u know?

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(no subject)

Apr. 30th, 2006 | 07:49 pm

Ok...so i finally thought that i could start working on my whole ana thing but then i went to the doctors today and they told me that i was obese so i freaked out and now i think i am going to go right backm down hill. i have to loss at least 30 lbs before i go and see my ex boyfriend or i dont know if i will get on that plane and acually go! i dont want to be fat like i am. i just want him to look at me and be like damn, you have losed alot of weight. i dont want to feel fat and not want to wear short and cute tanks when i go out for summer!!!! i have to loss all that weight. does anyone have any ideas on how to loss it REALLY FAST!!!!

Please help me out!

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